Thursday, October 15, 2015

Cruise Day Monday

Monday we were supposed to go to Coco Cay in the Bahamas, but the ocean was too riled up so we could not tender in.  We did some exploring of the ship in the morning (and that is when I met Xenia actually, I think!) and then at 1 PM we headed down to the conference center on level 2 to start sewing on Garden Party!

Here is Xenia's table.

And this is my table with Bonnie doing a demo for half the class.

She borrowed Kathy's (Cathy?) board (I really need to make one of these!) to show us how the little flower blocks go together.  This was really a fun block to play with, I cannot wait to get back to them!

Here is my very first block!

This is the view of the 5th floor Promenade.  Spent lots of time walking across this to get from classroom to food or room. Starbucks is down there too.
For formal night we dressed up and found some other gals to wait to go to the dining room with.

Bonnie and Dave ate with us for dinner and she and I tried this cold soup which was good!

I mostly ate off the healthy entree menu, but I had to have duck!  It was delicious!

I could not resist the lemon merengue pie but it was tiny so I did not feel too guilty!
After dinner we got some full body shots with the ocean behind us.  So happy with how I look compared to 20 months ago!
Becky is looking great too!  AND it was her birthday so..she had a birthday drink!

We found a cute little doggy on our bed at bedtime!  I also found time to get my hexies done from Sunday and Monday.
After dinner we had a sit and sew with Bonnie.  She brought her current hexie project to share. It is a stunner!  I may just be enticed enough to join in on a longer term hexie project.  Some of the gals were telling me about one and I have to check into it.

Here are the gals learning hexies.  Bonnie bastes hers with one thread, I glue baste.  For the size hexies we used she said 12 stitches per side and to start three from the end and work to the edge then back over those to the other edge so none of your knots are at the end of the hexie.

My hexies are coming along!
After that I went to a show with Becky--lots of others went too--including Bonnie and Dave.  This one was a musical. It had modern music with fairy tale characters.  Really cute, for example for Little Red Riding Hood they sang "Hungry like the Wolf" really fun.  I did not know all the songs, but it was fun.

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