Thursday, October 15, 2015

Cruise Day Wednesday--St. Thomas!

 After an early breakfast in the Windajammer with an amazing view of St. Thomas we met up with huge group of people to catch huge trolleysinto downtown St. Thomas.

 Here is the view of our ship from the trolley.

 We bought postcards and mailed them off from the island to the kids.

 Becky tried on cool earrings.

Since I was in my Packer clothes this guy had to show me he had a Packer football signed by all the Packers!  Packer fans are everywhere!

 I bought fabric--we found one of the three fabric stores on the island.

 We randomly ran into a few of the gals and they let us join them for lunch!

 We caught an empty trolley on the way back so we could get to our excursion.

  Here is our trusty vessel.

 We all crowded on in the hot sun.  It is very humid there and I could not wait to get in the water!

 We passed right by our boat and I had to take a picture of the hot can see it sticking out up top there under the giant golf ball.

 We had to change on the boat which was not something I would recommend.  It was hot and tiny and humid and sticky and oy getting a swimsuit on in there was something fit for a comedy show.  I jumped off the ship in all my gear (instead of taking the ladder) and started looking for fish and turtles. We had seen a turtle surface to breathe but they are so fast you cannot even grab a picture before they are gone.

 I felt really confined in all that gear.  I did see turtles from afar though!

 It was crazy fun though not my thing!
I had a migraine by the time I got out of the water and did not drink the rum punch!  It was hot, did I mention it was hot? I am not complaining, it was gorgeous and quite an experience. After that back to the ship.  
 This was the view at dinner (everynight we had reservations at 5:30 PM in the dining room) and this is our table.  We were with several couples. You can see Gwen and hubby and Colleen and hubby here.
 This was my delicious three course dinner.

Another great day in the Caribbean!

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