Thursday, October 15, 2015

Cruise Arrival Day!

 I kitted up twelve little hexie flowers so that I could make one each day of the trip and here is the first one I did on the plane.  Becky and I found our room 8401 on the eighth floor of the ship.  As you can see the beds were pushed together into one, but they did separate them for us while we were at dinner.
 I am standing next to a tiny closet and the door to a tiny bathroom.  They are pretty ingenious with storage options to help out with the small space!
 Every night we would find the days activities and such on our beds.
 Bonnie found me before dinner the first night!  So good to see her again--it had been too long!
 Becky and I explored the upper levels of the ship (rock climbing wall, mini golf, other golf, wave rider, etc.) and took some pictures.  It was all breathtaking.  I cannot believe all the options that the ship had!

 We did a little impromptu sit and stitch with our new friends Alice and Gail!  And then Xenia found me!  She reads my blog and had commented to me she was going on the cruise but was a no reply blogger so we had not connected before the trip (we created a facebook page for the cruisers we could find ahead of time) and it was great to meet her!

 After dinner we had a meet and greet with Bonnie, Mary Ellen and Scott.  Fifty quilters raring to go!

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Kathy's A Quilter said...

it is so fun to hear from different bloggers on the same cruise. Consentioius is the everyone had a great time. Thanks for sharing.