Monday, October 19, 2015

Saturday Cruise Saturday--Sewing at Sea Again

Another day of sewing at sea!  I sewed all of these blocks and more green blocks after the picture!  LOVING how it is coming out!

Xenia and Cynthia are hard at work sewing away on their alternate blocks.  I love how all of us used the top of this machine for storage of our blocks!

My table hard at work!  Tammy and Michelle on the left, and Cathy on the right.

Lunch in the dining room!

They decorate a table each day...would make a nice quilt!

Saw Puss in Boots (but missed the parade)!  Got a few autographs from Bonnie.

Had to get a picture of Becky and I with Bonnie.
And one of me and my new friend Xenia.  So happy to have met a blog reader!

And here are the results of some of the gals' sewing efforts...had to have a little parade!

I am loving Alice's beach colors!

And Bonnie with her hexies again!
We joined Bonnie, Irene, Michelle and Tammy for some hexie sewing in the Olive or Twist lounge before dinner too!

We had dinner in the dining room at Bonnie and Dave's table. They had no tablemates so invited us to join them.  The dinner was my favorite!  It was Thanksgiving and was the healthy choice that night (I mostly picked from the lighter choice and was not disappointed!).

There was a magnificent sunset just out the window.  It was a perfect last night!

Maureen, Xenia, Becky and I went to a show again.  This one had acrobats and a comedian. They also brought out lots of staff from the ship which was fun!

We celebrated with mojitos!

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