Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Nimble Thimbles and a Small Quilt Auction Quilt!

 Tonight at guild I met some new gals (Hi Fran!) that are into Bonnie Hunter and Quiltville.  Apparently Fran saw someone's blog from our group and decided we were the right group for her!  Hopefully she can make our third annual Quiltville Mystery Quilt Kickoff next month!  We had a long business meeting and then made a few ornaments for donation.  The time went too fast!

I am prepped and mostly ready for camp.  I have packed up Talkin' Turkey and Garden Party.  I am hoping to work on a baby quilt or two as well but have nothing prepped yet and we leave in the morning.  I just found out that my cousin Ashley had a baby boy and he needs a Chicago Bears quilt...they live in Wisconsin but daddy is a Bears fan.  Blasphemy but I will do it.  Another past Deaf student also had a little boy and they are into owls so I ordered owls and bears fabric today.  I also found out Suli is having TWINS!  So I will have more honorary nephews or nieces! And my adopted newhew's mama decided to have a baby and keep it...I think seeing our guy growing up made her realize she did want a little one so I need to make a quilt for her girl too!  And a coworker is pregnant with her first (And a fellow quilter too--Tiffany--but she is gonna have to make her own) so I am up to SIX baby quilts on my to do list!  Better get to it!

I am lucky my friend Barb (who isn't going to camp this time) offered to quilt my Christmas Past and Presents mini quilt for the quilt auction. I just didn't get time to get it done!  She even added the binding for me.  You may remember I made this as I made it when TemeculaQuilt Company was posting it last year.  Love that they share fun easy to do sewalongs.  I need to join in another one!
 And hanging things too, BARB YOU ROCK!
I told her we should tag team these quilts from now on,  I will piece two and she can quilt them.  HEHE.  I love the piecing part!  Thanks Barb!


Feathers in my Nest said...

Oh my, I'm tired just reading how many quilts you'll be making!
Love your quilt & the colors are beautiful..what a very clever way Barbara did of those corners..soo much better & easier than a sleeve.

The Joyful Quilter said...

LOVE the "tag team" quilting!!! LOL (SUCH a good idea... now to find a willing quilter!)