Monday, October 19, 2015

Cruise Day Friday-Sewing at Sea!

 SEW excited to be sewing at sea!  Got a photo with Bonnie in front of the Garden Party Quilt!

 We started working on the alternate block--the chain.  Really fun block too!

 Lunch in the dining room with a large group of gals and Bonnie and Dave.  I had the healthy option and a salad.
 Cannot really see us well,, but here were are!  Look at the view!
 Ran into King someone or other and got a quick picture. *edit Josie tells me it is King Julienne from Penguins of Madagascar!

 We started the alternate blocks! Bonnie's are in red, and mine are in a medium green.
 Here is the nice Janome Scott provided each of us with.  He was our bobbin boy!  He did a great job.  Sometimes I would come back from lunch or a break and discover my bobbin was full again!  I worked all spread out too.  Becky was to the left of me (but there was a huge pole between us) with  Patricia and Janet at the end of the table, and Irene (fellow quiltville open studio monitor) Michelle and Tammy were on my right.  I had Alice directly across from me with Pat and Jeanette on one side and Gail, Denise and Cathy on the other.  I got to know most of the gals at the table though a few were quiet or too far away for me to hear!  Really some sweet gals on this trip!
  Cocktail party in the Olive or Twist Lounge.  Had to get a picture of Alice because she looks dynamite in turquoise!  She bought the most beautiful earrings which were hand crafted in the islands and had them on too!  I wish I had been with her and found some but something to look forward to next time!

 Dinner at Johnny Rockets with Bonnie, Dave, Irene and Becky, Tammy and Michelle.

 Shh, yes I ate this.  It was delicious.  Good thing I was walking the stairs!
 Bonnie had one (or part of one) too!

 Went for a short walk after dinner and found a movie playing.  Already forgot the name of it, was a kids cartoon as was cute.
   Hit the show with Alice!  This one was a musical too thinking it was the fairy tale one with the fun music and the other one I saw was actually not the fairy tale quickly I forget!

 It was packed, but we got great seats!

 Back at the room I had a turtle on my bed!  Did some reading (read several books each night since my roomie wanted to go to bed so early--time change was three hours later and I could not go to bed at 6 PM AZ time.  I just am not a sleeper...too much to do, too much to see!

I plan to put each hexie on a little square of this fabric.  Here are the finished hexies so far!

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Josie McRazie said...

I cannot begin to tell you how jelouse I am!! One day I hope to get to one of these fun adventures!! Thanks for sharing your trip with us!!
Ps its King Julienne from Penguins of Madagascar! I have a great pic of our daughter with him at Busch Gardens! Highlight of her trip!! ;0)