Saturday, February 15, 2014

Tuscon Trip Day One Continued....

 After the lecture the six of us from the Phoenix area (all new members to the Tuscon Guild) went to lunch with Bonnie.  We had mexican food, which was delicious, but I didn't take a picture or remember the name of the restaurant!  We then did a mini shop hop to these shops:

 All of the shops were super friendly and two of the three offered to take picture of our group!

 Loved a few of the quilts at the last shop.  Found out my new friend Maria works at this shop (but I didn't meet her til the next day!).
After checking into the hotel and dropping Bonnie off for some decompression time, we went out for sushi and Andrea's son (who lives in Tuscon) joined us.  He was great with helping us lug our mountains of stuff up to the room.  Seriously, clothes, toiletries, sewing machines, fabric, notions and quilts for show and tell, plus food and drink for four ladies is A LOT of stuff!
We were ready to hit the hay not long after we got back The Windmill Hotel.  What a fabulous day with great folks.  It was a day I will never forget, but wait--the next day is even better!



it was so wonderful to meet all of you! I am trying to talk Mickey Depre and Bonnie to have a collaboration retreat out here! :-)

Kevin the Quilter said...

How exciting! All of these photos of quilt shops and restaurants is making my mouth water! LOL