Monday, February 17, 2014

Modern Medallion Quilt Along--I Have a Center!

 I picked out my colors for the modern medallion quiltalong.  I am using my Fandango fabric (finally!) and some solids that match.
 The first section took a bit of time, but each section was easier once I got used to how to lay the fabric so it would fit right when flipped!

 Coming together.

 Tada!  Not a perfect center match, despite my pinning, but I am happy with it!

 Tearing off the papers wasn't as bad as I expected!  I added a two inch border to the outside.
 It is about 15 inches now, though I think it is supposed to be 15.5.  I put it on some green fabric to see about putting it on point, but not loving it, so I will keep thinking.

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Now I need to get ready to head out and see "Monument" because Randy really wants to see it and Kathy agreed to it!


Marly said...

It looks great. Well done. Is that it for this month?

Amy said...

IM.PRESSIVE girl!!!!!!

My hat off to you :)

Kevin the Quilter said...

This is so awesome! Great fabrics!

Gina said...

stunning.I always set my stitch length quite small when I paper piece as it makes tearing the papers off easier. xx

Lisa said...

Wow, that's really impressive!!

Helenjean said...

gosh, this too is great, all these points. I am still on my my very simple centre

Modern Quilt Guild Ireland said...

That's a beautiful center! Great choice for this QAL.