Saturday, February 22, 2014

Modern Medallion is Growing...

My next border was an easy decision and went on as if I knew what I was doing Math wise, what a fabulous way to start my Saturday!  

Next I knew I wanted to add some red to this quilt for some modern punch.  Decided to add in four patches and then decided I needed more in the next border.
However, I realized that if I wanted a same fabric stripe border I should add it now because I only have two of each of the striped fabric (in layer cake size) and I wasn't sure I would have enough later I went for that and bigger red cornerstones.
Next I added a narrow red strip all the way around.  I almost put in aqua cornerstones, but decided to keep it simple.  
I am not at all sure what I am going to do for the next border.  I fussy cut some yellow flowers for possible cornerstones...
I was thinking I might do something with the two fabrics pictured above for the next border...I think it needs to be pieced something or other, just not sure what yet.  Then I decided I like the red in the cornerstones, so I added red to the outside of my fussy cut I think that is what the cornerstones will look like, but am thinking now I need more yellow this time around...gonna think on it awhile and see what comes to me.  
I am very happy with this quilt so far even though I am WAY out of my follow a pattern comfort zone.  I am so excited that I went for it and jumped in on this.  I think having some guidelines and looking at other medallion quilts is really helpful for me and makes choosing the next border less daunting!  So any advice on what I should do for the next border?  I can always save these cornerstones for another border, but all I know is seeing the picture I think there must be yellow!  

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scraphappy said...

Really love the way the red four patches carry out and bleed into the red border. Enjoy the process. Design work is terrifying, but worth it.