Sunday, February 23, 2014

Modern Medallion Progress

 I decided to make flying geese for the next modern medallion border.  I am totally winging it and not doing any math and am somehow making it work!  My favorite way to make flying geese is with the Quilt in a Day rulers.  They come out perfect and not at all wonky.  I don't even mind the little bit of wasted fabric.
 I started out thinking I wanted all yellow geese, then decided to add the other center star aqua color too.

 I realized after this photo (below) that I had put the bottom row on backwards...but this picture is after I added in a few more colors, some dark brown and redish/pink and more yellow.  It isn't sewn yet and I spent several hours thinking about it while working on some purple "My Blue Heaven" blocks.

 Here I flipped around the bottom border.

Then I packed up my stuff for mystery quilt camp (which starts this Thursday already!).  I gave in and ordered myself a travel iron that is better than the tiny one I have--took Maria's advice and ordered one just like hers!  After that, while watching the fourth movie of the day (Free Bird, Elysium, Gaby Douglas and Diana movies) I sewed the geese border row together and it went together well!  It is now 31.5 inches square, so I am ahead of what I am supposed to be--not so good at following loose directions, but I love it so I am content to wait til the group gets to that size!

I am linking up with the Modern Quilt Guild Ireland: Medallion QAL!


Ruth said...

Very nice, the aqua really makes a big difference in the border. I'm onto flying geese too so going to check out that ruler of yours!

Helenjean said...

your flying geese set the standard, mine will be more like flying crows!