Saturday, February 15, 2014

Tuscon Day Two: Playing with Jacks Quiltville Workshop!

 Guess who is all set up for the Playing with Jacks Quiltville Workshop??  ME!!!  Another bucket list item got checked off on Thursday.  We had plenty of space and only 24 ladies to share Bonnie with!
 Here is Jacki already hard at work!

 Bonnie gave us cutting and sewing demos.  She loved this pink machine!  It was absolutely to die for!

 I decided to use my modern fabric in all colors just to be different.  And my blocks were different alright.  This is the first completed block.

Here are some more.
Bonnie wanted to see my Ring Around the Hexies in person, so I laid it out on the floor with what was done to that point.  Only one and part of a second hexie is attached to the quilt.  The rows are put together except where three of the black blocks touch since I want to applique them before I put the rest of it together.  Bonnie thought it was great and wants to share a picture to Mickey's wall.  I am hoping to finish this top this weekend. 
The ladies did show and tell and we saw some gorgeous quilts!

This is Maria in the green sweater.  She sat across from me both days and we really clicked!  It was nice to make a new friend who loves quilting and Quiltville's quilts!  She is showing her Christmas Lights quilt.  I think she said it was her first Quiltville quilt and her first scrappy quilt.  I love it!

Maria also makes a quilt for a raffle every year with the proceeds going to a women.  This blue piece is her background, she will be appliquing a woman and other things on it. 
Such a generous gal!

This is Ann Marie with her quilt.
Bonnie showed us a bunch of different layouts.  Since my modern colors were kind of muted I wasn't over the moon with my blocks.  I tired out a few of them thinking the zig zag would be modern and would look best, but nope!

Maria's Blocks above.

Here is BJ hard at work! 

This is Karen, she is a really nice gal.  I am aweful with names so I hope I am getting the few I did learn right! 

Honestly this gal's turquoise was my FAVORITE color wise!  What a nice pattern you get from the way she did it!

Here are some of the layouts Bonnie showed us. 

Here are some of mine to see what works. 

I eventually decided the best way to go was this Barn Raising layout with black, then grey, then black, then gray.  At least there is something besides blah to be seen.  This quilt will be small and may wind up as a baby size quilt for Colton for at work with his mom.  She mentioned he needs one and this might fit the warehouse floor quilt!
I did get around and take pictures of other peole's blocks.  No idea who made what really.

One gal even did them in Christmas fabrics.  I thought that was a great idea.
Of course we had to go to SAS!  Maria joined us.  It was a blast! 

  I loved the boot Bonnie's drink came in at dinner!
Here are all of us, except me after eating some great food!
Maria is from Tuscon, so she recommended this place for dinner and came along to eat.  It was fun getting to know her more and for the rest of the group to get more time talking to her, since they were farther away from her during the workshop the first day.  Dinner was delicious!  I had prime rib!
Kathy made Bonnie this sign, Bonnie loved it and will be hanging it in her new cabin above a door I think she said.

Here are all of my fabric purchases from SAS.  We were so excited to find out Tuscon had one!  We found all kinds of good deals--even Packer fabric!  Bonnie bought the bright orange one and what she didn't buy, I did.  I loved it and cannot wait to find a quilt to put it in!  And yes, I could not resist buying some more Denyse Schmidt fabric even though I have a huge shelf of it.  The price is $3.99 a yard at SAS.  I got all of this for 57 bucks!

So sorry I cannot edit this better with the pictures.  I am at work til midnight and somehow I can't do all the stuff Blogger does here.  :)


Vireya said...

What a feast of photos! The workshop and the shopping trip look like heaps of fun. So glad you had such a great time!

Kevin the Quilter said...

Thank you so much for sharing your "Quiltvillefest" with us! I am so happy for you to have been able to participate and spend some time with Bonnie! I have been to SAS several times in Tucson, and love the place! I love your modern interpretation of Playing with Jacks!

Amy said...

Holy Moly! I feel only a portion of the excitement of the whole past couple of days from your pictures, so I can imagine how "to-the-moon" you feel!!!! LOL

So so glad you were able to meet up with Bonnie and spend some awesome time with her outside of the workshop as well. Super cool!