Friday, February 14, 2014

Tuscon Here We Come!

 Andrea, Ros, BJ and I were up at the crack of dawn to get to Tuscon to meet up with Jackie and Limbania and see Bonnie K. Hunter of Quiltville fame speak on her scrap saver system!  I already follow this system to a pretty good degree, but it was still inspiring to listen to Bonnie explain it to several hundred people (for the second time!) in Tuscon!  We were in the very last row so the picture was taken far, far away and is blurry from enlarging it!
 Bonnie shared many of her quilts with us and told stories about them and how she uses her scrap system to design and make her quilts--putting the scrap saver system into practice!  I do have to say once you have your scraps stored by color and size (still working on sorting my different sizes besides 2 and a half by color) it is SO much easier to be scrappy, and you get to sewing faster because so much of your cutting is already done.  Bonnie, I am sold!
 We saw all these quilts and more.  I was very struck by how some quilts really spoke to me more in person than they did just on the blog or page!  I especially fell in love with Hawk's Nest.

The full quilt is Bonnie's picture--go to to see more great Bonnie quilts!  The close up is my picture.  This quilt SINGS to me.  It is in my future, man I love cheddar!
At show and tell the next day, Karen showed off her Hawk's nest quilt too!  Love it!  Gotta make one--later!

After show and tell (I showed my Packer Solstice quilt) Bonnie signed autographs, took photos with people and was her usual sweet self.
After the entire crowd left Bonnie got a private quilt show of all the quilts that Ros and I still had in our possession that were made from her designs.  A few other gals were still around and took a seat and enjoyed the show too!  Here is the Show and Tell Bonnie shared on her blog from the night before and the morning we went.
More to come on our Tuscon Trip later!


Lisa said...

Lucky lucky lucky lucky you. That sounds so fabulous.

All said enviously from the other side of the world.

Kevin the Quilter said...

You are right about Hawks Nest! I like that one a lot too! And I agree about Bonnie's Scrap User works, and it works for me! What a wonderful experience you had! You will be on a high for the rest of the year now! LOL