Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Flying Nine Patch and a Winner!

 The lucky winner is Heather!  I have emailed her to send me her address to send her her two magazine prize!  Thanks to all of you who entered!  I promise to do it again in the future!
 Had some time before work today and decided to whip up the next Traditions 35th Ave. block.  It was this flying nine patch block.  I hate to mention that I had issues (most likely because I am NOT a morning person).  First I decide to do the hst's with my Thangles, then I cut the strip to fit the Thangles strip and forgot that they only give me enough fabric if I do them sideways on the strip, ugh!  Luckily Kathy doesn't mind following the directions and doing them the other way so she traded me her strip!  My next issue was an unmatched seam....picked that out and redid it, and then I found one strip I had sewn on backwards on the side (after I had sewn the top to that!) More unpicking.  I really should stick to sewing in the afternoon and evening!

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