Tuesday, April 16, 2013

UFO's, WIP's, BOM's OH MY!

Lately I feel like I am going in a zillion different directions--in my life and in my sewing.  I don't really have lots of UFO's--more like I am "stuck" on the quilting part for some of them, and others are really works in progress or blocks of the month, mystery quilts, etc.  Still, for me having all this going on at once it a bit overwhelming...and gets in the way of all the stuff I still want to start (Emerald Challenge, Hat Trick, Floribunda, Maverick Stars to name a few) and I feel like I can't really justify starting something else unless I really take stock of what I have going on!  So skip reading this post if you aren't interested, this is really for me :)
1. This is TWIST OF FATE which is now all cut and in progress thanks to Kathy.  Still a way to go on it though.

2. I SPY SQUARES QUILT is an ongoing project...I have made several of these quilts in a few different patterns and keep a collection going at all times.  

3. MAC's BLUEWORK BLOCKS...I have several of these bluework blocks done and somewhere lost the motivation to keep on doing them. I need to either complete some more blocks or get the top together and be done with it! This project may take many years!  I haven't stitched any blue work in about two years though I have all the patterns if I want to continue on this.

4. MY BROKEN CROCKERY this one is a flimsy which I love and didn't want to wreck by quilting it myself--I started it once and wasn't happy so I need to pick that thread out and try again!
5. MY SEASONS BARGELLO quilt is a flimsy--still thinking about taking it apart and getting it quilted individually.
6. HAWAII SUNSET-this one is on pause for a bit but I will be getting back to it!  It is a bucket list quilt and I traded fabric with Amy and Andra so it is even more fun!
7. BUTTERMILK--in thirties fabrics-I just may check the sizes on these little nine patches and covert this quilt to Hat Trick which is this month's Schnibbles that I really want to do!  That way I get to "start" something new and "finish" something that was passed on to me that I am not dying to make right now!

8. MOTH IN THE WINDOW-I started this one on a whim one QuiltCam with Bonnie and love these blocks!  I have more cut and will be getting more done when the mood strikes.  

9. SCRAPPY TRIP AROUND THE WORD--started this one on a whim too.  So fun to play with fun and modern looking fabrics.  I am no hurry to get more done as I don't have a plan for this one yet anyways.

10.  HAND SEWN HEXIES-truth be told I have two other hand sewn hexie quilts that are doll size I need to do something with and this one!  I have really enjoyed all the hours I have spend hand sewing this and my technique has improved.  I will just keep adding to this one though I am already itching to do another using Mickey's techniques!

11. CHEDDAR BOW TIES--this one is a flimsy.  Love it, but haven't sent it off to be quilted yet.  Thinking this one will go to Ros for quilting--I want something spectacular, lol!

12. SPOOLIN' AROUND-this is an older picture.  I have been working on the spools in Angela's color of the month and that has really helped me to see progress!  Though Bonnie does these challenges as leader/enders I rarely do them that way so in order to eek in the time to see progress it helps to be aiming for a certain color done each month!  Whatever works, right!

13. JACK IN THE BOX--again and old picture, last year's RAINBOW BOM.  I have been repeating the colors as the Rainbow BOM goes around this year and will be really super duper happy to get this one done at the end of the year.  Two years with the same quilt is tooooo long for me!  I love it though and the pinwheels that are made from bonus HST's will be the border.

14. TALKIN' TURKEY--this one is this year's Rainbow BOM.  I LOVE IT!  I can't say enough about how happy these blocks make me.  I think I am going to keep this one when it is done so 12 blocks, lap size should be good.

15. KALEIDOSCOPE OF COLOR--This is the 35th Ave. BOM so will be working on it all year long too.  I like it but am wondering at my sanity doing so dang many BOM's for 2013!


16. BREAD AND BUTTER STARS-this one is flimsy which I need to quilt.
17. LAZY SUNDAY MYSTERY--am working on part two now.  Will be done when the last clue is available I am sure!

18. HEXI DOLL QUILT--all the hexies are sewn and pieces are cut.  I just need to hand sew these  flowers to the squares and get the top together, then quilt it!

Well, there we have it.  I think this really is what I have going on...WOW.  Five of the things are monthly progress items, and four are flimsies waiting for quilting..so that leaves ten works that are waiting to see some action.  It is worse than I thought...OH MY!


Kevin the Quilter said...

WOW! WOW! WOW! You, too, have many irons in the fire! I LOVED seeing all of your works in progress! When I first started quilting I said I would stick to one project and get it finished before starting another. That lasted for one project! LOL

June Sayas said...

Isn't it amazing how many projects we have going at the same time and how fast we are to start another just because. Have fun working on your quilts and remember take your time and enjoy. From a blog fan with the same issues.

Mam said...

Thanks for the chuckle, I won't feel as lonely as I sort through my piles of almost finished projects. Love your blog.

scraphappy said...

It is a lot, but if you pick one and finish it, there will be one less on the list. Best of all, there are some real beauties in the stack waiting to be real quilts.

Deb A said...

Thank goodness I am not the only one with tons of projects 'in process'! I agree with Angela - pick one this week and work it though. Some very pretty quilts in the making.

Sally said...

It's not as bad as me, but very similar. I call it being too creative for the time available! I have a moth in the window and a bow ties in a comparable state of creativity. xx

Quilter Kathy said...

A fun parade...with many gorgeous projects in the making!