Monday, April 15, 2013

Lazy Sunday Sewing! :)

 After yet another weekend of helping my parents move we spent a lazy Sunday at home sewing.  I carefully laid out my Lazy Sunday (Bonnie Hunter/Quiltmaker mystery) checking and doublechecking that my color substitutions were in the right place (ahem, they were not!) and started sewing away.  At some point I realized my parts were not going to add up the way I had things laid out!  So unsewing ensued.  And resewing too!
 So after I switched the four patchs around things were looking better!

 All twenty four blocks are complete and the other parts are cut out (thanks to Kathy!)  So part two of the mystery is on its way.
 I also finally trimmed up both my orange and green hst's for border pinwheels for Jack in the Box.  Sewed up the orange ones and stacked up the greens for the next sewing session.  Whew, will be nice to be all caught up on that before May hits!
 After helping me cut, Kathy cut some of her own.  She decided she wants to do another Rainbow BOM so she did the first one in green and started on one in purple too.  I forget the name of this block and am at work--we found it on Amanda posted it as her QuiltCon Challenge Block on  There is a tutorial online but I am at work and I can't get to some of the websites to find the link! 
Thanks Linda!


Linda said...

Love all of your blocks...

the name of the last blocks are the Crossroads blocks and I found the tutorial off Connie's website, Freemotion by the River..

Kevin the Quilter said...

I HAVE to get started on Bonnie's Lazy Sunday mystery quilt! I have so many other irons in the fire right now though!

Connie said...

What fun projects! I still need to finish my green Rainbow blocks!