Friday, April 19, 2013

Succulent Garden for my Gnome and Emerald Challenge Fun!

 I finished up my green pinwheels to go with my green Jack in the Box blocks--so happy to be all caught up on that (a few more spools to go in green) before May gets here and another color!
 Today I planted a succulent garden!  I have wanted to do this for a long time and I hope the transplant went okay and it will grow and fill in the pot.  It is my gnome's new home and is on the new table and chairs my parents gifted to me when they moved.  Hoping this weekend we will grill out and eat in the backyard!
Tomorrow is the Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild meeting (after the 35th Ave. BOM and black bag day) and I really procrastinated making something for the emerald challenge.  I really had planned to make this cool star block in a block in a block in three shades of green but just wasn't motivated enough in the end.  Then I realized that I could pick out some of my green spools (from my Spoolin Around challenge) and make a pillow to match my future quilt.  I made a few more green spools, picked out the more modern or more emerald ones that I liked and just went for it.  I am happy with it and am glad to have something finished for the challenge!  Can't wait to see what others have made!

We also spent tonight (and really all week) watching CNN and seeing all the craziness in Boston and then the explosion in Texas then back to Watertown for an unprecedented manhunt.  So sad that so many people have died this week unexpectedly--my prayers go out to any and all affected.  Kathy is from Greenfield, Mass and ordered herself a Boston Strong shirt to add to her Red Sox shirt collection.   We both hope we never see something so crazy happen in our backyard.  Prayers going up for Boston and for West too.


Quilter Kathy said...

Green and new spring!

Deb A said...

What a great garden home for your gnome! Great use of your spool blocks for a pillow.