Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Whole Lot of Everything Going On!

 I spent all day today sewing and a bit of yesterday too.  Finally got part of the Lazy Sunday Mystery cut and  ironed...still have more to go for clue two, but progressing.
 Becky came over and we worked on our lace sock from the Craftsy class.  I should never have put it was like starting all over and I really was ready to wall the thing!  Becky seemed to breeze right back into and luckily for me she is the kind of friend who will put her own work down to she got me back on track.  Putting in the heel was crazy and getting the lace pattern going on all three needles was beyond me for some reason.  Now I have done two repeats of it and have caught on again!

 I decided to turn this little tiny log cabin into my in marker for work.  We have a board and we put a little wood shape with our name on it in the cubicle we are terping in.  Mine was an fell once and the handle broke off, it has bugged me ever since.  Everyone will know which booth I am in with this little marker...doesn't even need my name, lol!
 Last night I started on the nine patches (while Kathy cut for me--YAY!) and today I sewed about seven or eight hours on this larger version of Cindy Lou Who Schnibbles.  I like how it turned out and hope that my cousin Kai Len (married last December) will like it for her wedding quilt when she gets it.  I can also call this one my second NewUfo for April (the first being Wild and Goosey)!

Here is a look back at my smaller Cindy Lou Who was a bit more coordinated and not as scrappy, but I love the effect this quilt has :)  Now back to sock knitting!

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