Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hexie Pincushions!

 The PHXMQG pincushion swap is in two weeks so I finally got moving on making one for the swap and one to keep (at least for now).  I cut into my current favorite line by Tula Pink (and a few matching fabrics) to make them.

They are a bit quirky, but I am fine with that.  I have to pick up some walnut shells or something to put in them and hand sew them closed and they will be done.  One is on a scrap of linen from the pillaged fabric Jona gave out, and one is on the back side of some grey I had.  Can't decide which one I like better!  I also cut out for two more out of modern looking fabric before it occurred to me to use this I imagine I will be making two more

1 comment:

scraphappy said...

What pretty colors. The pink and grey do look good together.