Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sweet Sunday Sewing :)

 Kathy decided to add another Rainbow Block of the month to the other one she is doing (which she is doing two of each month) so at the end of the year she will have three rainbow quilts.  She is all caught up already which is amazing!
I finished sewing the rest of my green spools and they outnumber all the other colors now even with nine of them in a pillow!
 Today's spools above and previous ones below--that is alot of green!

 Here are all the stacks I have so far separated by color.  It is working well to try to get the rainbow bom color done each month..really pushes me to do them, not sure why I didn't think of that last year for the bow ties!
Kathy bought a GIGANTIC TV today and we did some TV shuffling.  Coleman also just inherited a huge (old heavy on wheels) TV for his room from my parents' move...put that all together and his old flat screen TV is in the sewing room (now with cable and dvr YIPEEE) and the flat screen living room TV is in our bedroom (though not hooked up yet--lol) and we now have two extra older not as huge TV's just hanging out.  To think my great grandparents just had one TV at their house and no cable, ha!  I did manage to bike five days this week too so I am getting back on the wagon and trying not to be a couch potato! The day just flew by and I didn't even start another Wild and Goosey block or watch Bonnie's last QuiltCam that I missed.  Maybe I can do that after work tomorrow :)


Kevin the Quilter said...

Lovin' the rainbows by Kathy, and your spools are multiplying! How many scraps do you have anyway? LOL

Heather said...

I can completely understand Kathy's desire to start another rainbow scrap project. I did the same thing! It started with Bowdacious, but there were still more scraps. 4-Patch Revisited was next, but, still, there were scraps. Last, came Wild Child, and sadly, there are still more scraps, but those will have to wait for next years RSC. And, at least they're getting sorted and separated!

Sheila said...

You two have been busy! Love all your blocks. I understand Kathy's desire to start another rainbow scrap project, too : )

Edith said...

That's a tall stack of green spools, I found I had a lot of green fabric, just barely put a dent in it this month.