Monday, April 1, 2013

More Sock Knitting via Craftsy Class :)

You know I am determined to learn how to knit socks right?  I haven't given up on my last pair (personal footprints) of socks but I need to spend some time figuring out just where I left off on them. 
Meanwhile, Becky and I decided we would have a sock kniting day.  We both purchased a sock knitting class on Craftsy in which lace socks is one of the patterns.  We met up on Saturday for 4.5 hours of knitting fun and both of us made it through the toe and into the lace design.  The toe took some doing, it isn't easy holding on to all five needles!  (After all my first socks used the magic loop).  I will say that I really liked it once we were on three needles and using a forth...she has us put the front of the sock with the lace design on one needle and the back of the sock is split between two needles.  I notice I do not mix up which is the front and the back this way as I did with the magic loop.  So that is a bonus. 

This was try number 3 or 4 at getting my sock going.  
Becky's on the left and mine on the right.  I knit really tight compared to her!  I decided to make mine the same size as hers so she didn't have to wait for me.  Later I had to rip out a bunch of it and then I went up a few sizes in needles to make it bigger without adding stitches.

You can see in the picture above I DO NOT have the patern down past the toe (and thankfully the lifeline I put in at the teacher's direction!).  This all got ripped...ummm I wasn't doing the purl stitch right!  I didn't realize it for quite some time (in fact after Becky had left I looked it up to make sure I hadn't forgotten it because the way I was doing wasn't leaving the little collar like I remembered it should.  SHEESH!
The back two sections of the sock look dynamite compared to the front..that is because there is no purling on the back!  LOL.
 Here is how far Becky made it before she left.  You can see the start of her lace design happening here!
Mine not so much lace happening!  HA! 
The lace still growing and finally you can see the right purls happening.  This one is after some ripping happened!

 It is a little bigger than this now...I am pretty pleased with is by far the most complicated thing I have tried to knit and it is finally looking like a sock!  :)


Teresa in Music City said...

Hey, great job!!! I want to learn to knit socks too. I've bought some needles and yarn, and I have downloaded a few "easy" patterns. We'll see how far I get. You have inspired me!

Kevin the Quilter said...

You certainly do have some patience to do that!