Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hitting the Green and So Much More--FINALLY!

We have not been on our regular schedule where we have lots of time to sew on the weekends lately.  One thing after another going on and it seems we are never here or if we are we are too tired to think about sewing!  I got into the TV show "The Tudors" on my AmazonPrime and in the last week or two watched four seasons worth while working on socks or handsewing.  Today we helped my parents move--AGAIN.  Yes this is about the 5th time they have moved since we moved to Arizona (4.5 years ago).  They are only moving about five minutes from the last house they were in.  Today we moved boxes and a few pieces of furniture.  Kathy and I washed a gazillion dishes (I should have taken photos--mom has wine glasses, champagne glasses, hurricane glasses, margarita glasses, Packer glasses, drink glasses, shot glasses, more wine get the idea.)  
We arrived home so very tired from head to toe (and I got a massage yesterday which rocked, but I am so sore from that already!) but we persevered and sewed!  I had to get going on some GREEN for Angela's Rainbow BOM.  I made nine of these tonight and added them to my previous greens.
Meanwhile, Kathy caught up on her orange blocks from last month.  She got both done but I snapped this before the second one was done.  We also noticed that one of her purple blocks has the bottom star points turned around.  I think I blogged about it and no one said anything and we have looked admiringly at them for two months now, sheesh!  We both love the scrap jar star block in orange!

 In the car on the way to and from mom's I handtacked my hexies down.  I improved so much on these four pincushions.  You can see the stitches are not so good in the first two, but the second two look good!  We filled them with walnut shells (bought at the pet store cheap) and I whip stitched them closed.  One is for the exchange at the PHXMQG, one I may keep and two will be gifts and may count for my Christmas Through the Year item this month!

 These four blocks are the 35th Ave. BOM blocks for this month.  I am happy with how they came out (Kathy has hers done too) but I didn't care for the 2 7/8 x 3 inch of some of the blocks while others are 3 x 3.  It was WAY too easy to turn blocks and then be off on the seam allowance.  There was a bit of unsewing and a bit of reseaming happening with these.  So glad they are done and I hope next month is one easy block!
 Not the greatest photo, but here are all of my 35th Ave. BOM blocks so far :)
Tomorrow we are sleeping in and then we will sew and catch up on all the QuiltCam's we have missed lately.  I think there are two or three...that is how crazy life has been--Bonnie's number one fan hasn't even had time to catch QuiltCam!  :)


Deb A said...

Wow, you have had a very busy day. Glad you got some relaxing sewing time in. I love your bright BOM blocks - very pretty. Those little hexies are cute as a button. Great idea for a little gift.

scraphappy said...

Sometimes life can get in the way oh quilting. Glad you found a little time AND energy though. Even a litte time adds up eventually.

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

So many pretty blocks... I hope you get settled back into a routine soon!

Sheila said...

Wow. Cool blocks!

Linda said...

Wow, moving and sewing all in one weekend. You rock! Congrats on all the great projects!

Edith said...

So many pretty blocks, I particularly like the hexy pincushions.