Saturday, April 27, 2013

Happy Friday Folks!

 I put in a full day at work today while Kathy ran errands and got me a new cell phone.  After work I went and bought myself some purple yarn for lace sock making (I need to get back on that...Becky and I are going to work on them again soon) and took Coleman clothes shopping.  When we got home I gabbed with my daughter Hannah on the phone for awhile and then finally got to sewing up a paper pieced block that I had started this week.  This one is all in modernish fabrics, mostly Denyse Schmidt.  It looks a bit crazy busy since the lights were not as light as the other blocks I did but it sure was fun to play in those scraps!
 Three blocks done so far, I really need to get back to other things, but so fun it is!  A long while ago at quilt camp, my friend Becky made a little tiny log cabin and shared the pattern with me...finally I gave it a go!
Not sure what I am doing with it, not sure what Becky did with hers, but cute and teeny tiny!  Tomorrow is a relaxing day at home..I either need to cut and sew Hat Trick or a wedding quilt for my cousin--before I get to paper piecing anything else :)!

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