Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend Sewing :)

Made a doggie bed cover yesterday. Nothing fancy but it serves the purpose. Kathy came over and I putzed around a lot, cutting up bow ties and pieces for future jack in the box blocks. I actually went through all of my drawers and tried to cut from them and did some strips and re-color coordinated it all. I can't wait til all my fabric is on the shelves or in strip form in the drawers, but I made progress.
Kathy added the sides to all of her NYE blocks and did one with the top and the bottom. We also all went out for sushi and a trip to the fabric store for her backing. This is what she picked.
The one below DJ fell in love with so almost four yards of it hit her stash. Oy vei, I have created a monster! I told her she needs to sew more and put fabric in the cart less, haha!
I got a yard of this fabric on clearance. I liked it and the price was right. I also got a Civil War quilts book.
And too funny but I read this gal's blog so when I saw the pattern I decided I had to support her (had to!) and I really do like this pattern. Then today when I was organizing my pictures I saw where I had saved her picture of this quilt as a "want to make someday" quilt. I am thinking about doing it in my Denyse Schmidt fabrics.
Today I quilted and bound my Schnibbles I.S.T.H. quilt. This is the backing..two leftover Christmas birds fabrics.
And here is the front. Love, love, love it. Way more than I thought I would. It really appeals to me for some reason. Too bad--it will be a gift for someone next Christmas. (I am really doing well at putting stuff away this year blogland!)
Then I decided to play with some of my cheddar bow ties! This first one is a Barn Raising layout.
What I have been doing is Straight Furrows. This is what is in the inspiration quilt I that is what I was doing.
This is Zig Zag.
This picture is sideways, but if I added some solid squares to it, it would be On Point.
This is the Magic Circle.
And this is Half Dropped Rows.
And here is how they have been multiplying on my design wall! I need to decide it I will just keep putting blocks together as I have been or if I want to do some combination of all the choices.
By the way, I have an article that I saved out of Quilter's Newsletter Magazine from July-Aug. of 1995 that shows these and other Bow Tie "Great American Quilt Classics". Sure would be fun if they would pick up Bonnie's Cheddary Challenge story and do an article with all these Cheddar Choices! Really fun!

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Michele said...

Your Schnibble and all of your other projects are beautiful! I loved that you had a Christmas theme :-)