Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday Schnibbles and More Sewing :)

Decided to start my I.S.T.H February Schnibbles today. I started out with this first block but decided to use my Thangles to do the hst's and went with the wrong size. So I have one 8.5 inch orphan block. Then realized that I could use hst's that I already had in my leftover changed it all up to this:

Looks a little more Christmassy than I had planned, but hey a good gift it will make!
So I went with it and here is my smaller version of I.S.T.H. (Insert Snappy Title Here).
Then I whipped up my second green Jack in the Box block for SoScrappy Saturday! Lovin it!
Here are all four together. I pressed the bonus triangles (Amy, lol) but didn't make them into pinwheels yet. Gotta get on it before I wind up a zillion extra hst's. I stole some of the one's I had from this project to put in my Schnibbles, but there are more where they came from!
I also went with simple purple borders for the NYE Mystery that has been waiting for some work. Kathy came over for a bit today and advised purple from the choices we had. It looks good!

Will get a better picture out in the sun tomorrow. That's it,,,now Randy, CJ and I are going to see "The Awakening" that they want to see. DJ is out at the Sand Dunes riding a quad. Tomorrow hope to get in some sewing, but working with a colleague on a Math Signs Workshop we are giving in March (eek!) and I need to prep some teaching stuff too! Weekends go too fast!


Elly D said...

Your green Jack in the Box blocks look great! Also your NYE quilt looks wonderful.. the purple is gorgeous. Good luck with your Maths workshop! Elly

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Always enjoy to watch the similar progress you make as me...however, you have been kicking my butt in the quilty world. So many fun pictures in this post :)

soscrappy said...

Weekends are too short, but it looks like you made the most of yours! Great looking blocks and a flimsy as well. Mst impressive

Cathy Tomm said...

Your scrappy blocks are looking great. I do like the purple you have picked out for the boarder of you quilt too.

Sheila said...

NICE blocks! Very nice blog!

Scrappy quilter said...

Wonderful scrappy blocks!

Roslyn said...

Yep the purple border is perfect Andee!