Monday, February 20, 2012

President's Day Sewing

Finished up "Bull's Island" that Ros borrowed me...actually really like this one though the ending was a bit neat and tidy. I made more bow ties, but didn't photograph them yet. I also cut a bunch more since I was in a cutting mood which is rare!
I whipped up those pinwheels I have been meaning to make...found some extra yellow hst's and added them to the mix since I was puttering. This quilt is going be so colorful, I love it already! (Jack in the Box).
Here is the backing for the NYE wedding gift that is now in my car for Ros to quilt. I also did some organizing and cutting of more tissue holders, made one more too.
Am in a crabby, stressed out mood so I am going to find a good book and go read myself to sleep. Tomorrow might be a better day.


Roslyn said...

Hope you aren't getting a migraine Andee, I will pray for that.Love the NYE mystery I wish I had made it now.
I am having an awful time figuring out what the password thingy is, it's too hard to read!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

I'm likin' the Jack in the Box blocks too!!!!! I haven't dug into my pinks yet....maybe next weekend :)