Monday, February 13, 2012

DJ's Valentine's Day Gifts--so far!

After organizing all my tax information and some stuff for CJ...I watched two hours of "Once Upon a Time" which I really like...such clever writers...I stitched away on the center heart for this little wall hanging. Then when it was over I snuck up and stitched away the rest of the top. DJ likes it! She says I should make it a pillow for her though instead of a wallhanging.

This little Venus Fly Trap is her other gift. She really wanted it so we ordered it from Amazon (got one for CJ too) and after transplanting it this is how it looks...just a few days and already babies are growing! Can't wait to find a fly or something to feed it!
Lucy kitty is settling in well with the dogs. She is feisty and they are learning to leave her alone. We think we may start calling her Lucy Stitch...with Stitch for short. Coleman thought we should go with Stitch for Lilo and Stitch and I like it because of all the stitching I do! Hopefully she becomes a quilting studio kitty and the name will suit her. Well, off to bed, I work in the morning.

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