Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Packer Apron and Carolina Crossroads Step Three in Progress

I love these cute little nine patches...and it is a good thing because there are 80 total in this step alone! I have forty done so far and quite a few more subcut and ready to sew....still need more strips through to get to eighty.

Pinning them in tens because I always seem to lose count otherwise.
Before I started that however, I decided to make my daughter Hannah this reversible Packer/Norway looking apron. It is for her for Christmas. I have got quite a start on Christmas already!
She is a huge Packer fan (as am I) so I know she will love it. This Packer fabric was my grandmother's....she made tons of hot pads on year for Christmas and I got lots of remnants which I have been happily using up!
And Kathy has been painting my rainbow wild goose chase blocks....looking colorful!

Taking a break from sewing and watching some crime TV....hope to get back up there in a bit though :)


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Whoa----the red background change........raising eyebrow.....looks like Andee's getting a lil' "saucy" ;0)

Do you have a pattern you used for the apron? Gotta luv dem Packers, ya!

Roslyn said...

What is the third color Andee for CC? I used pink, green & beige/neutral because those were the three colors I seemed to have the most of in my "scraps".
It's still my favorite of Bonnie's but I gave it away! And no, not planning on making another.

Miss 376 said...

Another lovely apron, and those nine patches are lovely.