Saturday, July 24, 2010

State Fair Getting Bound and Shhh a Birthday Gift for Kathy

Today I met June, BJ and Roslyn for lunch and got back my State Fair Schnibbles all quilted. I also dropped off my Joy Luck to be quilted. The quilting on this one is awesome, she used a gorgeous varigated thread and I am thrilled to death with it. I made and added a label and the is all hairpinned in place for handsewing later on.
Several months ago we bought Kathy an IPod Touch for her birthday (which is Aug. 3rd) and she says she doesn't want anything else and really with the summer budget that is fine. However I like to have a few things for her to unwrap anyway so I got it in my head to suprise her with an IPod Touch case made out of scraps of Patriot fabric.

You can see from this picture I made THREE of them at least part way before getting it right! I found a pattern awhile back on but genius that I am I failed to notice the CM measurements and so did them in inches. There is quite a bit of difference in 24 CM versus 24 inches in case you weren't aware. Haha. I kept thinking boy this must fold down because it is awfully big. So then I cut another in CM and thought WOW this is small (sort of having a Goldilocks kind of day) and since Kathy has her IPod with her at work I decided to look up the size measurements online. Low and behold I was following a tutorial for a Nano and and a Touch so HAHA again, too small. Eventually I figured out that a 14 by 5 inch would fold into about what I wanted and viola...

an IPod Touch case for Kathy!

It is nothing fancy though it took me a few hours all told...(and I am watching "Girl with a Pearl Earring" as well) but now she has that to open. Also at the battery store I found a little apple core thingy that is to keep your Ipod cords wound around and such so I picked that up (1.99) so now she has two things to open!


Anonymous said...

I say finish those other two pouches. She could use the larger one when traveling and maybe the smaller one could hold a small bottle of purell or a chapstick or something. Then she'd have two more things to open!
Great job on the schnibbles too.


Miss 376 said...

I agree, I am sure you the others would be useful. I'm glad I'm not the only one that makes those kind of mistakes.

Candace said...

Great ideas for your other sized pouches. I love your new Schnibbles quilt.

Roslyn said...

Good for you tyo persevere Andee, I went on eBay & bought one,lol!