Friday, July 9, 2010

Quilt Blocks on a Barn--My First Sighting!

I finished another tribble today. And this second picture is how gorgeous the ride was in Colorado. We were stuck in traffic and took a few moving pictures.
On the way to Wisconsin we thought we saw our first quilt block on a barn. We passed it really fast and didn't get a picture or think to write down where we saw it. I even tried googling it thinking it was on I-80 in Nebraska but nothing came up. I was bummed but determined to find it on the way back. I spent ALL morning staring out the window checking every building that remotely might have had a quilt block on for about four hours. Finally after crossing into Colorado we decided we must have missed it somehow and I was a bit let down...after all I put down my knitting for four hours to spot the darn thing!
Then I took a turn driving and after getting some gas we hit the road (I-76) this time and a few miles in Kathy hollered..."there it is" and I almost ran off the road in excitement and was hollering "get a picture, get a picture!" Kathy suggested we turn around and go back for a better shot...and after the four hour search I figured that with an 1800 mile trip what is the difference if we do another couple of miles going in circles. We turned around and found the frontage road...we found the barn and discovered another block was on the back of the barn! Kathy actually got out of the car and climbed a weedy hill to take a picture with the camera and my phone (so I could post it to facebook) and I was thinking...shoot wish I had the camera to take a picture of her taking that picture for me!

The first picture is the side on the highway (wild goose chase) and the second(windwill) is from the back near HWY 144. I looked these blocks up on my blackberry later on and I believe these are Ted and Nancy Curtis' blocks in Log Lane in Morgan County, Colorado.

We didn't realize it at the time but according to there are quite a few of these beauties all in Morgan that I have seen the map I can tell you the next time we are travelling this way I am planning time to tour. I have been looking at Eleanor Burns' new book about barn quilts and now I am for sure getting it..and I am going to make at least one little barn quilt block. This really made our day and lightened our mood as we drove back towards home. We spent about 13 hours in the car today and we needed it! Thank Morgan County!

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Barn Quilter said...

Hi Andee,

I am not sure what part of Wisconsin you were headed to (it's still a long trip!), but check these Barn Quilt web-sites for your next journey. If you know of anyone in Arizona with a barn, you could be the first in the state.

I have most of the other counties listed at:

Happy trails...