Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sprucing up the Quilting Studio

Last night I decided to spruce up the quilting studio...I took everything off my bulletin board, added some fabric and replaced the stuff I still wanted to look at. I should have taken before pictures, but I am sure you can imagine!

I made a few pillowcases out of fabric Tif gave me for Christmas last year. Most likely they will wind up Christmas gifts for some young boys on my list.
I went through all of my quilting books and have a stack to donate and room for more again. I love books and so I buy them without always really planning to make anything out of them. I figure if it inspires me that is fine, but after awhile I just feel like "stuff" I am not using weighs me down. Hopefully someone else will love when I getting rid of!
I also go crazy organizing and refolding my fabric. Becky gave me this great idea to use one of my larger rulers to make my fabric fold in a more uniform way and now I am addicted to it!
You can see some of it here, and more of it here.

There is another whole stack behind this one and I have smaller pieces in drawers as well as my strips drawers. I always tell people I don't have much of a stash, but I am now rethinking that. I have the biggest stash I have ever had. And true to form, I want to find things to use it up in because I feel like it is wasted just sitting here. I can't stop smiling looking at all this neat fabric. Hmm, what to do next?


Miss 376 said...

I love it when it's all folded like that, trouble is, it doesn't stay like that for long here, lol

Barb said...

You are welcome to come and spruce up my room???

wackywoman said...

How do we end up with so much fabric? I am following you now.


Sue said...

I have to admit I do enjoy having a stash I can dip into .