Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another Layout for Nine Patches and Joy Luck is Started

This month's Schnibble is Joy Luck! The name of it comes from the movie "The Joy Luck Club" which happens to be one of my favorite books...I love Amy Tan! I decided to go ahead and do it in Christmas fabric for a gift...I am using Wrap it Up fabric from Connecting Threads. This one takes 80 charm squares and some background fabric...we got it all cut last night and I just started sewing it this morning. You can see I have my handy dandy Angler on my machine again because it helps with the snowball corners...I hate drawing all those lines! I will get more of this done today despite an afternoon appointment with my son. As to who will get this one when it is done I am thinking Kathy's sister Kelly might like it. Love working on Christmas presents in July! I just counted all my Schnibbles pictures and it looks like next month will be the last one...I am really going to miss doing a Schnibble a month. It has really helped brighten up my months despite our lousy economy. A little good news would be nice, but since the world isn't providing that right now, I will take a Schnibbles!
I also tried laying out some of the nine patch and snowball blocks in a diagonal format. I am not good without a pattern! I don't like how the nine patches line up up and down and the snowballs too. I can't see a way to put this diagonal with the two blocks that is going to alternate..it seems like a mathmatical thing and I am so not mathmatical. Anyone have any suggestions which will make this work better? I will keep playing otherwise because I know there is a way...smile.

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Roslyn said...

Only one more schnibbles, Oh Andee whatever will you do?