Thursday, July 22, 2010

Working on Step Two of Puddle Jumping Mystery and Game Night!

Game night at our house last night! We played Quelf, which gets us all laughing like crazy. Our favorite is the "roolz" cards in which we get a rule we must follow until we draw another rule...I had to move my game piece with my elbow for most of the game, Coleman had to clap and say abracadabra every time someone drew a card and Randy had to air drum when it was my turn! We also played Dutch Blitz (my favorite!) and Smartass (which I hate) and then when on to spades and euchere. It was a nice night and everyone was home and nephew Buck came over too!

After work today I was all excited to get up to the quilting studio and work on step two of the Puddle Jumping Mystery! I got going right away and since I now have a TV hooked up to a DVD player in there I watched my Netflix picks. I didn't quite get done though because there is no battery in the remote so I couldn't watch anything past the first episode on either DVD...grrr! Now I am downstairs watching one of them and blogging. Hope to get back up there and get this clue done before bed, but there is always tomorrow since I don't work. And a new battery is on my list!

So I have twenty done and the rest just need another row on them and they will be done too.


Miss 376 said...

Enjoy your day off work and I hope you get done everything you want

Roslyn said...

Hmm Puddle Jumping looks similar to a Bonnie mystery, lots of little pieces!
We used to play games a lot when our kids were home, still do at CO. house! We like Mexican train Dominoes

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Game night sounded hilarious!
And I'll watch you put Puddle Jumping together. With Vball right around the corner, I would be a fool to start anything new; BUT that doesn't mean I can't print out the clues and watch it come together with you! So----be sure to post as you go! ;0)