Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Nimble Thimbles PUP for This Year

I missed the meeting where we shared our finished PUPs, but Becky shared mine for me and everyone picked another PUP to do for next July. I only have this one so it was an easy choice to pick. I did each of these four Bargello Seasons quilt in an online class at Quilt University back when I was in Wisconsin! The reason it hasn't been put together is because I seriously struggle with the Math to make it into four equal parts to be in one quilt. So here is where I challenge those of you who are skilled at Math or at EQ to help me out!
Here are the measurements: Spring is 28.5 inches by 22.5 inches, Summer is 33.5 by 18.5 inches, Fall is 35 by 18.25 inches and Winter is 27 by 21 inches. There is a coordinating fabric (of a different color) in each of these pieces and I have extra that I could border each in a different color as well as the darker green coordinate that could sash them together after they are bordered to the same size. I am open to suggestions, if I can't get this figured out I am just going to make them into separate wall hangings, but I really would like it in one quilt!

Thanks in advance to any of you gals who are willing to help me out...if you ever need any Englishy help, call on me!

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Roslyn said...

That's quite a conundrum Andee, & tonight I am too tired. I will think about it some more another day!
I am sure anyone with EQ could do it in a heartbeat!
It is the same principle I use when there are many different sizes of photographs in a memory quilt!