Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Puddle Jumping Mystery Clue One Done!

I almost forgot to show you all my new quarter inch foot I bought while on vacation. I like this one alot...the narrower foot lets me line the fabric up the way I like and it seems to be a good quarter inch without my having to move the needle. I can't tell you how many times I forgot to move the needle and after a few minutes of sewing I would realize it....grrr. I even had a note on my machine and I kept forgetting!
So tonight I had to pick my fabrics for the Puddle Jumping mystery BJ enticed me into! I decided to go with the civil war type fabric that I have been accumulating. It will be scrappy and maybe too scrappy but we shall see. I am tickled pink that I got to use the Windham Fabrics by Margo Krager that I got from her presentation a few months back.

The first step is to cut 1.5 inch strips of light and one of the darks. So that went quickly. Then I sewed them into little rail fences, ironed and cut them and viola...clue one is done! Next clue comes out July 20th if you want to join in! http://www.lynbrown.com/ if you want the info.

Earlier today I did get two of the four corners on all sixty of my blocks for my Joy Luck Schnibbles. I need to iron all these and then work on the other two corners. I go back to work tomorrow, but will try to sew before and after so this keeps coming along. It is so nice to be home and sewing again!

I also got some knitting done today while waiting at an appointment for my son. I ran out of the right color yarn on a dishcloth just a few rows from the end (I may have more upstairs) and just barely started another one before his name was finally called. We also made a healthy dinner tonight and are trying to get back on the let's lose a few pounds bandwagon. And now to motivate me further...my daughter just told me that she is engaged! She has been dating Jeremy for the past two or three years and they seem really happy together. His parents are still married (imagine that!) and he treats her well....we are happy for them both. They won't marry until next summer or the summer after...I kind of hope for the summer after because Jeremy will graduate from college just before that and Hannah will only have one more semester left before taking her CPA. I really prefer her to graduate before getting married....since I married at 18 and had no idea what I had gotten into and am forever aflicted since that whole experience!


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

LOVE the fabrics; specially that olive-green/pink paisley one!

Whew---loaded post you have tonight!!! The most exciting, of course, being the news of the engagement. :0) How wonderful!

{{trying to ignore the link to the mystery....I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....}}

Linda said...

Congratulations to you and your daughter! She is giving you time to think of an awesome wedding quilt for them! Of course, that will mean another trip to Wisconsin!!

I like civil war fabrics--I found a pattern in an older magazine this week that suggests Civil War--I am thinking that may be my next fabric purchase. I am learning how to build my stash!

Quilter Kathy said...

Do not tempt me with that new mystery!!! LOL
Mysteries are my favorite thing....and I want to focus on finishing things, so don't have too much fun!!