Saturday, July 31, 2010

Early Birthdays and More...

This is me and my favorite sister--Tina! Her birthday is just three days before mine (every year darn it!) and I am two years older. Mom took us (and Coleman) out to lunch to Garcia's yesterday to celebrate.
Today I have been working a bit on my Schnibbles Times Two "Scratch" which is what I showed you a post ago and asked you to guess on. I will not have it done and quilted in time for the contest, but I am enjoying making it anyway. The fabric is absolutely lovely and the pattern goes together easily. One row down so far (and all the four patches made).

Here is mom and Coleman across the booth from us.

Here is mom getting her birthday quilt (her birthday is the end of August) a little early. Also wanted to show you a close up of this State Fair Schnibbles...the first one I have given away!

The other day Angela (soscrappy) and I got to commenting about how handy Crystal Light containers are for various things and after dinner (steak with a rub on it) I realized my empty rub can with see through lid would be PERFECT for the clippies I use to help with binding! I love that I can see through it...I also added a little packet to absorb humidity so that they won't rust down the road.

I plan to buy more of this rub for the containers! Smile.

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Linda said...

Well, Did she like the quilt? The fabric compliments the pattern. Happy Birthday to both of you.