Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Whole Lot of Progress!

Kathy made me a gigantic A for my quilting studio! I may paint it down the line, but I really like it! This morning I got up at 6 AM (for no real reason, which is RARE!) and sewed up the binding for my Roundabout Schnibbles Quilt!

I then decided to finish up my Quilt History Quilt top...I went ahead and put the last three not so hot blocks together and then realized that I needed four in order to make the size better...I don' t like those three blocks (upside down but on the left of this picture) and so I will put them into the backing of this quilt. At this point it still needed the last border....
I completely forgot to take a picture and blog about the ice skate I got from Kimmie from Michigan when we met up a few weekends ago for the quilt show and such. I didn't wind up getting as much time with her and the gals as I had hoped, but we had breakfast together before the show. She made this cool ice skate painting! Sweet, huh and very thoughtful of her to give EACH of us one!

Now you can see I did cut and add the wide outer border to the Quilt History 2009 quilt. It is BUSY but I like it anyway. I also whipped up the binding since I was on a roll. Now all I need is the backing and it can go to the quilter!

I was also multitasking while doing all this. When my Dad died six months ago (has it really been six months already) he passed on to me his dad's old film reels that had been converted to VHS. I watched almost three whole VHS tapes this morning while sewing...much of it is from before my Dad even came along (1946) and it starts out black and white and no sound...eventually it is in color and there have been parts with sound but not many so far. I have caught a few glimpses of my Dad as a baby and a toddler. Even better is seeing his mom, Florence, who died when he was six. I have only seen a few pictures of her and now I can see her personality and her love for her husband and boys. There are also lots of visits to National Parks, a plane and train crash mess (Grandpa was an engineer and maybe this was work related??) and even the race between Seabiscuit and I forget the other horse in which Seabiscuit barely loses. It is taken from the stands, so I guess my grandfather was there! Interestingly enough..I have only watched a few movies with my Dad in my adult life and one of them was Seabiscuit! There is also a Packer Redskins game from the same time frame...looks like it is at Lambeau! Anyway, I look forward to watching more this afternoon.
I then decided I was going to just put this Walk in the Park quilt together and have Ros quilt it...hopefully since I didn't do any applique she is up for it. This is my challenge UFO and I want it all done by July to show at my guild, so done is better than perfect..right!

First pic it is without borders, second pic I have the first sets of borders on. Unfortunately time was running out and I was in a hurry and I messed up putting on the final I need to rip out two sides and switch them and add the last side to fix that....that is on the agenda for this afternoon so there should be another post!

After talking to Coleman for a bit, Randy and I went for Mexican food and then I came home and DEEP cleaned the car. The weather is PERFECT for that sort of thing. I also reorganized and loaded the food and games for Disneyland...we leave on Monday!

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