Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sol y Sombra: AQG Quilt Show

Today I volunteered at the Arizona Quilter's Guild "Sol y Sombra" show in Mesa. Last year I went and met a few of my online friends there for the first time, I have since become really good friends with a few of those gals. I also met a few people from Nimble Thimbles there and that prompted me to join it and I met and made more friends though that! Today one of them volunteered the same time as me and after a quick lunch we browsed and shopped together. We also got a cool pin that looks like the first picture aboce though it says volunteer on the bottom.

My favorite part of the whole show is the Nimble Thimbles Mystery Quilt section in this picture. I am not sure when they started this mystery, but I joined towards the end of it. I have the pattern but didn't do it since it was pretty much over, though now I am kicking myself because it could have hung at the show and that is one of my show something! Hopefully there will be another something or other I will join in on.

Here is Becky checking out those awesome mysteries! I wish I could tell you who all made these quilts, but I can't recall them all! I looked through the book and tried to match up the titles and people for these quilts, but not sure I am right!

Tangled Up in Blue by Kathy O'Brien

Flowered Mystery by Martha Hunter

La Cosa Voila by Delores Jenisch

Mystery Fun by Kathy Krieg

Mystery Quilt by Bev Heiberger (quilted by Becky Klein)

Shimmering Dragonflies by Georgette Bruss (quilted by Sue Williams)
I love how different they all look because of the fabric choices! Great work ladies!

These next pictures are some of my favorites though I didn't pay attention to who did them they are fantastic!

This quilt has cross stitch Degrazia on it...and I have both Degrazia artwork and cross stitch here at my house and I LOVE THIS!

Isn't this one terrific?

This one has mermaids on it, love it too! I didn't get any photos of the group this year since some of us met up for breakfast then we split while Becky and I volunteered and then some left before others. I shall try to get one next year!

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