Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sunday Best Schnibbles and Walk in the Park

This lovely quilted Flea Market Fancy fabric is on the back of my February Sunday Best Schnibbles!

You can see the fabulous quilting that Ros Atwood did on it! I am so glad to have found a local gal to quilt for me so I don't have to send boxes all over. Though as prolific as I am sewing these days I may have to spread out the quilt tops anyways!
Here is the front! It looks fabulous close up and far away if you ask me! I just have to bind this one when I get it back and I am all set.

Also this afternoon I did some ripping and sewing of my Walk in the Park quilt. As you can see, in the end I left one of the boo-boos for posterity! I added in a leftover nine patch and saved myself the trouble of ripping it out. My perfectionist streak must be weakening!

I also made the binding while I was at it! I think I have run out of stuff to sew unless I want to get moving on Tara's is all cut into strips!

This is absolutely the most satisfying day I can recall in recent history. Maybe I should get up early more often :O

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Ariane said...

I love what you did with the back of this quilt. You get two quilts in one. I love it!!!