Friday, March 19, 2010

Nimble Thimbles Meeting

On March 16 the members of Nimble Thimbles brought in any older quilts they have that were made between 1850 and 1950. Quilt historian, Barb Eckoff from Iowa joined us to talk about quilt history. Barb put the quilts in date order, and then talked about the particular fabrics that are in the quilt - reflecting style and colors of the time, as well as the quilt pattern names in order to date them. Members shared whatever bits of the history of the quilt with us and we saw a TON of older quilts!
My camera was not flashing right at the beginning of the presentation, but eventually I changed the setting and got better pictures. I didn't include very many from the unflashed ones because the quality was so bad but these are the pictures in order...they went from oldest to newest--roughly.

I LOVED the look of this one!

This was a seven sisters quilt and I learned that the seven sisters were the seven seceeding states from the union.

Huge and gorgeous!

I was so excited when my quilt came up that I didn't take a picture of it, but this is where it fell in the presentation. I have previously blogged about this quilt and told the story of it. I was absolutely fascinated to hear that Barb thinks it is from around 1924 (not 1955 or so as I was thinking since my grandmother got it from my great grandmother in about 1958) as the fabrics are from around that time. I am now wondering if this wasn't a quilt of my great grandmother's for many years before she passed it on to my grandmother (not her only child--a daughter, but the one that became my grandfather's second wife when she died way too young) and how exciting to know that! I want to get this individually professionally looked at now!

A lot of the pinks had faded in this quilt, but so pretty!


A Coffin Quilt

Everyone loved this unique border...probably made to make the edge straight!

I love the orange!

Forgot to turn this one!

I really like this one too.

I am off work today and hoping to really hit the sewing room in a few minutes so hopefully there will be more to post later on!

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