Saturday, March 6, 2010

Schibbles Picnic is Bound, Three Dudes Quilting and Lunch with the Ladies

Here is my Schnibbles Picnic all quilted and bound. This is really a cheery quilt and will soon find itself to my table for Spring or early Summer time!
Today Kathy and I met up with six other gals from my online group Quilt-Talk (well one from my quilt guild and camp) and Ros gifted each of us with a very nice potholder! Kathy and I each got one, so now we have a pair. There are really sweet, thanks Ros! You can also see in this picture that I arrived home to find my new Vera Bradley purse which is really sweet too. I will be taking it with me to see the Vagina Monolgues tonight at ASU. It is being performed by the Deaf and voice interpreted and I am sure will be a terrific show! We are meeting a group of terps and Deaf and hanging out and going together.

We all met up at Three Dudes Quilting which is a great store with excellent service! I bought some new fabric and a gadget or two...then we all went to lunch from left to right it is BJ, Becky, Nancy, Roslyn, Deone, June, Angela and Kathy! I have met up with all of these gals before except for Deone..first time meeting her. We are all like old friends and it is a fun group which grows in size each time we meet (started out with me, BJ and Nancy!). I really appreciate each of these quilting friends more than they know!


Candace said...

I love the Schnibbles Picnic, it's so cheerful and springy. Your new bag is gorgeous, and it looks like you have a really great group of friends.

Linda said...

Your Picnic quilt is so cute. Good job. I'm loving all of your Schnibbles.

What a fun group! Looks like you all had a good time. What a sweet thing to do to make everyone a potholder! I went to see the Vagina Monologues about 6 mos ago and really enjoyed it. My son's girlfriend was in the play and we went to see her. It was great. I hope you have a good time. take care, Linda

Barb said...

Love the schnibbles picnic, is that the one for this month?

Miss 376 said...

Schnibbles picnic quilt is gorgeous

Sue (The Quirky Quilter) said...

Meeting up with other crafters is the best! As usual....your sewing is luverly!!!!!