Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What I've Been Working On

Yesterday I picked lemons, oranges, tangarines, and key limes (though they aren't really green for some reason they were falling off the tree ripe) so I wanted to show you that. I guess fertilizing them paid off because we have lots more fruit this year!

The other day I sewed these pieces together for my Schnibble Roundabout border...they will be cut in half. That is as far as I have gotten on this Schnibble so far.

I have also been occasionally working on this little Moda Bake Shop handsewing project when I get time. The top is almost sewn together. I have really enjoyed this and may have to start keeping some kind of hand sewing with me at all times! The fabrics are just so cute!

I should also mention that last night I got a little crazy and ordered LOTS of fabric (at least for me, lots of fabric) and I can't wait to get my hands on it! It is that new line with the umbrellas and rain drops by Riley Blake and Denyse Schmidt's new Meadow Hope Valley and Prairie Hope Valley...sometimes you just gotta!

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Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Pea Green

I think I gotta move too! (Although, the temps have been GLORIOUS this week!!! 50's and 60's)