Monday, March 22, 2010

Ayla with her Quilt Schnibbles Roundabout Done!

I put this one Night and Day block together but just the one. I am sure this will come to camp with me and I should finish with a completed top!

Here is Ayla with her quilt, she loved the pink and the teddy bear backing...which is good since that is what she requested. Now she ust has to keep it away from her brother!

I finished my Schnibbles Roundabout last night as well. I worked on it at Becky's Sew-In on Saturday then came home to finish the last three blocks but forgot to adjust the seam allowance and so I had three not so right sized blocks which I didn't notice til I had it all Sunday night I tore a bit of it out and resewed and trimmed until I was happier. Then I got the borders on...I like the look of this one, but doubt I will be making it again! I used June's Angler to do the corners and it was okay, but maybe not quite as accurate as it would have been if I had drawn lines instead. It was quicker though.
I am back to work after my one job's Spring Break...already missing time in my sewing room!


Barb said...

Love the block and quilts!!

Candace said...

Ayla looks very happy with her new quilt. Your night and day block is very dramatic, I've been admiring that color combination lately, very nice. I got the pattern for the Roundabout, but haven't started yet, yours looks great.

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

Ayla looks thrilled with her new quilt. I think it looks terrific!

Love the colors in your Schnibble!

Marianne said...

Your Roundabout turned out cute. I drew the lines even though I have one of those Angler Thingys. It never seems as accurate. Plus Carrie challenged me in the directions and I couldn't pass that up.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Great job. I love your Roundabout!