Wednesday, December 31, 2008

NYE Mystery Steps 8-10 Done and 11 Started!

Well we were going strong for a long time there and then suddenly my machine broke a needle and I spent an hour trying to coax it back to work! I finally gave up and packed it up to go in for a cleaning and to have the timing worked was due after these projects anyway. Meanwhile I had my heart set on getting these done so Kathy ran out and got me another machine so I could finish them up. She was putting in phone calls looking for one before I even asked. One gal from my online group emailed me and said I could come get her old one too! Sweet people quilters are!
So we took a break for dinner and I had a margarita along with my steak dinner...and Randy made his fabulous Strawberry Spinach Salad which I love too! We played several games of Dutch Blitz which is my new FAVORITE game. Randy hates it. Then we played Smartass and I actually won! That is the one I usually hate. Lastly, we played Don't Forget the Lyrics which is kind of fun and silly though I am not too great at that one...Randy won!
Then I decided to wander up and finish the last of Kathy's blocks (she did most of this quilt, but I was helping her and she was ready to be done!) and laid them out and took this pic just to see what they would look like. I like it! She does too, thinks she will do two crib size quilts instead of one lap size so we will be two ahead on baby gifts.

Then I HAD to sew at least some of my blocks I got two rows done and took this picture so you could get the idea. I LOVE it. Not sure where this one is going or who it will go to but I like how it turned out! Ann Smith always outdoes herself with these mysteries! So tomorrow you should get to see two or three completed quilt tops!


Quirky said...

OH WOW! Those are stunning! You and Kathy both did fabulous jobs!

Miss 376 said...

You both been very busy and they look stunning. A great start to the new year