Monday, December 8, 2008

A Few Christmas Tablerunners and a Dog Bed

I finished this tablerunner by adding fleece to the back of it and running a quick stitch through the middle. I am not too thrilled with the wonkiness of it, but all I am using it for is a festive runner under my laptop. I put away the fourth of July one that was there until now, lol!
The second one I did in a more normal way and then quilted through the middle of the squares real simply, I like how this one turned out and may give it to Tiffany along with something else since I drew her name. I may make some more of these!
I also whipped up a doggie pillow/bed stuffed with leftover pieces and bits of fabric and thread. The fabric is from a huge homemade pillowcase I bought at Goodwill. I love the Hawaiian looking fabric and I have more of it so...
Tomorrow night I am driving out to my sister's again after work to sub in her Bunco group. I haven't played for several years when I was here visiting and she needed a sub so it should be fun!

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Quirky said...

You've been busy! It all looks good.