Sunday, December 28, 2008

Last Christmas Gathering and a Sewing Bee Prize

These gorgeous pieces of fabric are from Mary in AZ on my stashbuilders group. They are really pretty and will find their way into a quilt soon!
This is Kathy's neice Megan holding up her Orange Crush quilt we gave her tonight. She seemed to like it, but didn't even open it up and ooh and ahh. Which I would have if I had gotten a quilt...but this is likely her last quilt anyway--she has two now and this one is huge!

Her oldest son Mikey was FAR MORE EXCITED to get his quilt. Of the four kids getting an ABC quilt with their initial on it his reaction was the best. Megan was thrilled that the kids would have new quilts since they have been loving their old ones to pieces. So that was good. Next quilt for these kids might be graduation..again they each have two now!
Came home and watched a movie with my sweetie and it was nice to just be at home. Tomorrow I am going to get sewing and pick out fabric for my Bonnie NYE Mystery. My sweetie gave me a gift certificate to my favorite quilt shop so I can buy whatever my heart desires...which will be nice!

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I Love Baby Quilts! said...

Hello Angela,
New here, enjoying your blog. That drives me crazy when people don't ooh and aaah over a quilt I give them! I just had someone do the same, not even open it up or anything, just say thanks. Don't they realize the effort that goes into a quilt? Especially one as intricate as Orange Crush. Well anyway, I appreciate your work.