Sunday, December 14, 2008

Flying Geese Leftover Pincushion and some Art

Remember my left over flying geese from the railroad crossing block that was a perch for my little owl? I saw this pattern in one of my new magazines and knew I would be turning it into a pincushion! I still need to stitch it closed and add the buttons, but it was really easy to make this so far. I love it! Guess I am starting to collect pincushions because that is my fifth one maybe!
Thought I would show you this day I may be dead and the kids may look to this blog to find out where the "treasures" I leave them came from. This was painted by my great-grandmother Violet Hanna Rushman of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. She died when I was 16 (one week exactly before her huband at Christmas that year) so I was lucky to know her for many years. Her daughter Charlene died just a few short years later...the first of her children to die (and my beloved grandmother--my daughter is named after her-Hannah Charlene). Anyways she painted this and many other paintings and I used to have one of them and don't know where it wound up but my folks just passed this one on to me and it hangs in our dining area. It is the only snow I hope to see now that I live in AZ!
Randy and I took a painting class and each made one of the Wisconsin paintings a few years ago. This one is his (mine is not as good and I am not sure where he has it to get a picture) and I love the fall colors. That is what I miss most about Wisconsin. Fall! Not raking mind you, but looking at those leaves and hitting the apple orchard in the fall...they have wine there too you know!
A few of the blogs I am reading have lots of cross stitch stuff on them. I own a ton of cross stitch stuff I rarely get out now but can't part with. I started cross stitching while pregnant with Coleman (almost 23 years ago) and did it most everynight for many many years. It is easy to put down when kids need you and is so portable. I made this one from a free pattern and enjoyed putting in every stitch of this cute little neighborhood! I have some other stuff I will be taking pictures of and documenting. Again, when I am long gone I hope the great greats care where stuff came from! I think I may have been living in Maryland when I did this one so that would be about 1992 ish. Where does the time go? Anyway Sue has inspired me to get out some cross stitch stuff and I may make a little "Believe" ornament from a free online looks quick and cute!

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Quirky said...

*grinz* I'm glad I've inspired you!

I picked up the same magazine in the newsagency on Friday as the one in your top piccie and plan on making a flying geese pincushion or two....

Western Australia