Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Sewing Bee Prize and Thrift Shop Fabric Lottery!

A few days ago I got my sewing bee prize from Stashbuilders Yahoo group! Sharon made these festive little coasters and I am using them in my living room right now. I have another set that I won awhile back in my quilting studio in different colors, but I was delighted to get two more I could use for the holidays downstairs. I like coasters--and so do my wood tables!
Last night we hit the thrift store (I LOVE a good deal!) and I found a huge bag of fabric for 2.99. I decided to take a chance since I could see a few good looking pieces in it...I should have taken a pic before opening it but here is some of it...

Then I found LOTS of good fabric in the middle. Most of it quilt shop type quality and some really cute stuff I could use on future I Spy quilts! I was about jumping up and down with glee.

Then imagine my suprise to find a stack of little hexagons just slightly larger than the ones I have been cutting! LOL also a stack a large squares in kiddy fabric. Turns out there were only three or four fabric in here that I don't really want and the rest of that huge bag is completely usable!!! And to top it all off Kathy found 20 bucks on the floor at the thrift shop so it was really free! She has a habit of scanning the floor for money since her mom (now in heaven) frequently leaves us pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and an occasional dollar or two. This time 20! WOW thanks Mom. Smile.
Other good things I got include a "You Don't Know Jack" computer game. We have three now (and Randy has four). If you go online to find them they are a little expensive, ours 2.99! It is a really fun game for one or more people.
The package I sent off to Australia made it to Sue. It was my first send to that continent and I am glad it made it there and she is enjoying what I sent. She sent me lots of goodies and I was glad to return the favor.
I also went to my Quilt History group last Thursday night and had a good time. I got a new block for that and we decided on a year's worth of topics. I will post about that something to look forward to!

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