Saturday, December 20, 2008

Quilt History Class

Last Thursday night I went to Zoe's Trunk for my Quilt History Class. We had a little Christmas feast which was really good and got the fabric and info to make Clara Stone's "Best of All" Christmas Star block. It didn't really have directions with it and so Mary explained what to do and drew us pictures. I did some serious google searching and came up with which has directions for this block of the same size so I will be trying to follow along with those when I make it. Didn't they pick out FABULOUS fabric for this star? It looks really nice put together. Mary had hers all done to show us. I can't wait to give this one a try. Roberta is an amazing historian--very inspiring! She brought us some of the little pictures you see in the picture. They are printed on fabric so we can put them in a quilt if we want. So nice and thoughtful. I have to think of something neat to bring everyone some time. There was a new gal there this month, Linda so I am no longer the newbie! That was fast, lol.
We also discussed what all we want to learn about this next year. I took some crazy notes and this is what I think is going on for the next year:
January: Colonial Revival, Grandma Clark, Aunt Martha
February: Opal, a speaker from Kentucky is coming in with quilts, we may try to find some patterns and history on what she has, Marie Webster
March: Ola Vears, Mountain Mist
April: Dustbowl
May: Chicago World's Fair, Sears Competition
June: Ruby McKim, Feedsacks
July: Any other designers from the 20's and 30's
August: Arizona Quilts of the 20's and 30's
September: World War I Blocks, Kits from Drucilla and Paragon
October: Pattern Publishing, Kansas City Star, Other Newspapers, Magazines, Mail Order Patterns, Kit Quilts, maybe Lynn will speak
November: Gee's Bend in the 20's and 30's, Triangle Patterns, WPA, TVA, Nancy Cabot
December: Innovative Women of the 20's and 30's, Earhart, Marie Curry, Mary Coulter, etc. Carrie Hall and any other designers
As you can see we have quite a working plan. I am excited to learn so much more about quilt history. I am preparing something for the Gee's Bend talk (we all take turns presenting different topics) but have a year to get that together. I have seen one exhibit on them and own a book so I am at least ahead of knowing nothing! I will be keeping my eye out for more information on that...I also own a CD of the Kansas City Star patterns but otherwise don't really know much about this stuff.
Today I wrapped Christmas presents, did some cleaning, and laundry and got Chili going in the crockpot! I have done my work for the day and next I am going up to do some sewing.

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