Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Table Runner Tops

I went straight from work to my sister Tina's Friday night and spent the night at her place. We babysat my nephew Ben who is just a sweetheart. He is still signing so cute and now he says what a turkey says, a month or so ago he started saying"doodle do" when you ask him what a rooster says(I taught him, lol), it is darling! We are working on what a frog says too.
We had fajitas and rented movies. I fell asleep not long after Ben though.
Today I sewed!
I used all my Christmas fabric scraps and such to make these simple table runner tops today. They aren't perfect, but I think I will finish them off and give them away this year, or use one myself and give one away.
I also got two red, white and blue softball quilts made for Kathy's other nephews. She actually did the blocks awhile back (she overestimated for Buck's quilt) and so I put them into rows the size of the boys and used her leftover backing to back them. I had to piece the batting together which takes time and is a hassle, but is cheap and green! So they are all together and ready for tying. I took pictures, but they got lost since Randy had to borrow my camera card to load pictures for his mom on a picture frame thingy.
I made bean and ham in the crock pot today too, so I was productive in more ways than one!

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Ho Jack said...

use your embroidery machine to do it. Merry Christmas