Friday, December 12, 2008

Our Tree and Two Baseball Quilts for the Boys in New York

Really kind of pathetic looking in this picture, but we just don't want to try to put up the big tree with the dogs this year. We are gone alot during the day and I just don't trust the younger dogs to leave it be. So far they are leaving this one alone since it is up on a table. Kathy said it reminds her of a Charlie Brown Christmas tree and Randy put it up and decorated it..including some of his stained glass ornaments. I love that stocking on the front!
I finished putting the blocks together for Noah and Jack Jack...each nephew will be getting a quilt in New York this year. Kathy originally put these blocks together, I joined them and finished the quilt, then she tied them so it was a team effort. While most of our packages have already been mailed, this one is at the door waiting to go! I even sent a suprise package across the pond! Oh and I have the Norway box waiting to go too finally got the correct address to send it to.
Not hte best picture...Rosey is as usual in it and Daisy's tail is sticking out on the other side! Kind of looks like one long dog!


Quirky said...

Those are very cute boy quilts. A long dog with an leg in the middle for extra support! lol We haven't put a tree up this year. A few years ago we put up a purple pop up tree about 3 foot high which frightened the life out of the

Miss 376 said...

What a lovely photo. I am sure there will be two very happy nephews